Paris 2024 Candidate City Presentation


Paris 2024 Candidate City Presentation
For the IOC 130th Session to be hosted in Lausanne, Switzerland (the “Session”), the International Olympic Committee (“IOC”)  will make available content and highlights (the “Coverage”) to broadcasters and other bona fide media organisations, subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. Editorial purpose:  The coverage of the Session shall be used for editorial purposes only and shall not be commercialized in any way.

2. Content available:  A live broadcast feed/stream of the Coverage will also be available via the Olympic Channel, with the possibility to be embedded on websites and platforms controlled by all broadcasters and bona fide news media organisations.

3. Linear Broadcast:  Broadcasters may broadcast the Coverage, in whole or in part, either live or for a maximum of seventy-two (72) hours after each meetings or event of the Session (the “Linear Term”). 

4. Non-linear/On-demand Broadcast:  Broadcasters and bona fide media organisations may make available the Coverage, in whole or in part, either live or on demand, without time or territorial restriction until thirty (30) days after each meetings or event of the Session (the “Non-linear Term”).

5. No sponsoring / No association:  Without limiting paragraph 1, the Linear Broadcast or the Non-linear/On-demand Broadcast shall not be sponsored in any way which gives the impression that third parties are linked to the Candidate Cities or to the IOC, the Olympic Games or the Olympic Movement, unless such third parties are Olympic sponsors in the territory in which such broadcasts take place. In particular, no sponsorship or commercial/ad superimposition on the video footage is permitted, unless with the IOC’s prior written consent.  No association with the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad and/or the Candidate Cities is permitted, unless based on the rights granted by the IOC pursuant to a standing agreement between the IOC and a Rights-Holding Broadcast or a TOP Sponsors.

6. Use after the Session:  Upon expiration of the Linear Term and the Non-linear Term, broadcasters and bona fide media organisations may broadcast/make available only short excerpts for news reporting purposes in regularly scheduled news programmes.


For any issue related to these NARs, including reporting on infringements, please contact:  [email protected]

For accessing IOC Pool Coverage, please contact:  [email protected] 

For obtaining Olympic archival content, please contact:  [email protected]