Almuric - The Warrior's Kodex


Almuric - The Warrior's Kodex
This is the first released song by the power metal / doom project tentatively titled "Almuric".  

Music and lyrics written by Jaron Evil, copyright 2012.

Engineered and produced by Jaron Evil.  All instruments and vocals performed by Jaron Evil except back vocals #24 by Tyler Skode, and back vocals # 25 and 26 by Kassandra MacFarlane.



The blood is on my hands
No rain will wash it away (My skin it burns)
My hands, strength remembered
As I grasp the hilt of my sword

Leave me in peace but never forget
My name and my deeds when they're all that is left
For time passes on and memories fade
And all that remains is what of your life you've made

I've seen my life through the eyes of a mountain
A journey through the dark in the realms of despair