2017 Apple TV 4 Review - Does it still hold up?


2017 Apple TV 4 Review - Does it still hold up?
Thinking about buying an Apple TV 4? This is the review for the common consumer. Digging into more than just tech specs, we try to put it all into terms that actually matter to you. How much storage space is there? How well does the remote work? How much content do I get?

This review will give you the basics that you need to know before you decide to buy. (It boils down to one simple question.) This is a continuation of our quest to understand the entire over-the-top internet TV box ecosystem. Subscribe for more upcoming reviews.

0:37 - The Device
1:57 - Installation & Setup
3:04 - The Interface
3:20 - The Remote
5:30 - Content
6:24 - Do we recommend it?

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