How to Dual Boot Windows XP and Linux - Linux installed first


How to Dual Boot Windows XP and Linux - Linux installed first
A summary of this tutorial:  We all know how easy it is to dual boot Linux with Windows XP on a machine that already has Windows XP installed on it.  The more difficult procedure is dual booting Windows XP with Linux when Linux was installed first.   It can be a bit confusing to try to find the right procedure to do it, and it usually requires having to manually install grub with the command line, which can be quite confusing for any new user.

Luckily,  I found an incredibly EASY way to do it using a couple of very useful boot CD's.  Please note that if you use Windows 7 or Vista, you probably won't need to use the method I'm describing in this video. 

I'm including links to the boot CD's in the annotations for the video, but I'm also lncluding them here in the description.  Below are the resources used:

1.  This is the original tutorial that prompted me to find an easier workflow:

2.  Link to the website for the System Rescue CD:  http://www.sysresccd.org

3.  Last but not least, the link to the site for the Boot Repair Disk:  http://sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd/files/

I hope you find this tutorial useful, and thanks for watching!